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Stop Arming Israel

Join the call for an immediate two-way arms embargo on the arms trade with Israel

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The Housing Assembly: Decent Housing for All

6 July 2015 - 12:00pm

Twenty one years after apartheid ended, South Africa is still one of the most unequal societies in the world. Housing is at the core of this inequality and it is visibly reflected in the overcrowded Eastern Suburbs of Cape Town. This documentary tells the story of the Housing Assembly, a social movement in the Western Cape and partner of War on Want. The Housing Assembly was formed in 2009 to address housing inequality in Cape Town.

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Stop Arming Israel: ‘Block the factory’ protest

3 July 2015 - 12:30pm

War on Want will join a coalition of groups and campaigners from across the UK on Monday 6 July to demand that the UK stop arming Israel.

The ‘Block the Factory’ all day action will take place in Shenstone, Staffordshire, outside the arms factory UAV Engines Ltd. The factory is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, one of Israel's largest arms companies and a producer of drones and other military technology used in Israeli military assaults on Gaza.

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Tell #Sainsburys Fair trade means NOT doing business with companies which profit from Israeli occupation. #BDS http://t.co/bVd27nNveb 32 min 6 sec ago
C'mon #Brighton council, don't let private companies take over from charities like traid just to boost your income: https://t.co/mG6xcf52Si 32 min 53 sec ago
Yesterday activists blocked 4 factories owned by Israeli arms company Elbit Systems. #StopArmingIsrael #BDS https://t.co/Y1GZmhFRl7 1 hour 10 min ago