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Stop Arming Israel

Join the call for an immediate two-way arms embargo on the arms trade with Israel

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Stop the Arms Fair 2015

7 September 2015 - 8:00am

EVENT DATE: 7 September 2015 -11:00 am-4:00 pm

Location: (UPDATED) roundabout at the East end of the ExCel centre (by Prince Regent DLR station)

Join us on 7 September for a day of creative action to Stop Arming Israel. Bring creativity, energy, banners, flags & drums!

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Refugee crisis: why the UK bears a double responsibility

4 September 2015 - 9:00am

John Hilary, Executive Director, War on Want

I was one of the 2,000 passengers stuck on the Eurostar outside Calais on Tuesday night, as the refugee crisis forced its way onto Europe’s front pages. Contrary to media reports of passengers being prepared to smash windows in anger, the people in my carriage remained quiet throughout the five hours we were held in the dark outside the tunnel.

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RT @Daniel_IV_: Refugee crisis: why the UK bears a double responsibility | @WarOnWant http://t.co/vQ2cIGGEL1 9 hours 12 min ago
Lagos is ground zero for the #waterjustice movement's anti-privatisation fight http://t.co/Cq1D5cjJmK #water #right2water #ISDS #sanitation 10 hours 12 min ago