Up Front: Defending the Defenders

October 2019

At War on Want we believe that a just world is possible. As part of our fight against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, we work directly with inspirational communities, grassroots groups and social movements in the struggle for a better world.

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War on Want's annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 2018

August 2019


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ISDS files: Lydian v Armenia

July 2019

Mining company threatened to sue when protestors blockaded a gold mine and government allowed the protest to go ahead

PDF icon ISDS files: Lydian v Armenia

Up Front: The Crisis of Inequality

April 2019

War on Want has always believed that poverty is political: a result of decisions made by powerful governments, corporations, and elites to maintain the status quo for their own benefit. In this edition of Up Front we highlight the crisis of inequality we are currently facing.

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ISDS files: Chevron v Ecuador

April 2019


US oil firm sued Ecuador after compensation ordered for devastating Amazon oil spill

Chevron won


Case started 2009 using the US-Ecuador Bilateral Investment Treaty; arbitrators gave their decision September 2018

PDF icon ISDS files: Chevron v Ecuador

The Rivers are Bleeding: British mining in Latin America – updated

April 2019

The vast expansion of British mega-mining in Latin America is displacing communities, destroying ecosystems, costing lives and polluting our planet.

PDF icon The Rivers are Bleeding: British mining in Latin America – updated

Briefing: The case against corporate courts

February 2019

ISDS is an unjust mechanism that should have no place in the UK’s trade and investment policy.

PDF icon The case against corporate courts - Briefing - Feb 2019

ISDS files: Anglian Water v Argentina

February 2019

Water company sued when Argentina froze water prices during a financial crisis

PDF icon ISDS-files-Anglian-Water.pdf

ISDS files: Agro EcoEnergy v Tanzania

February 2019

Sugar plantation investor accused of a land grab is suing after the Tanzanian government took back the land title

PDF icon ISDS files: Agro EcoEnergy v Tanzania


Latest news

Open Letter: Energy Charter Treaty

9 December 2019 - 4:00pm

War on Want has joined with over 270 other civil society organisations to call out dangers which the Energy Charter Treaty [ECT] poses to effective action on climate change.

The ECT is incompatible with the Paris Climate Agreement, Just Transition policies, and the expected European Green Deal, because it is used by large fossil and nuclear energy companies to lock-in their investments and challenge national government decisions to phase out dirty energy. The ECT contains measures to protect energy investments even where they contradict climate goals. And it has an Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism that allows foreign investors in the energy sector to directly sue governments outside of existing courts, in secretive international tribunals, claiming up to billions in compensation if their (future) profits are affected. 

You can read the full open letter below. 

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Anniversary of the First Intifada in Palestine

9 December 2019 - 8:15am

Stand with the Palestinian people against oppression

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