A Longing Heart series (#3)

by Mohammed Al Hawajri, 2017

3 digital photographs on Hahnemuhle Fineart Baryta paper and sculpture, mixed media

$5,000 USD for 3 photographs and heart sculpture

You long for many things when you migrate far away, and they come to have a different, almost sacred meaning. Father Ibrahim is one of the thousands of Palestinians who were barred from visiting their homeland and had to return to where they came from, burdened with this bitter experience that only increases their sense of yearning.


A Longing Heart series (#2)

by Mohammed Al Hawajri

3 digital photographs on Hahnemuhle Fineart Baryta paper and sculpture, mixed media. 2017.

The heart pricked by thorns represents longing. The heart always longs for everything beautiful from the past. It longs for the fragrance of the flowers of the almond orchards and the odours of crops cultivated alongside homes where families spend pleasant evenings with their neighbours. 


A Longing Heart series (#1)

by Mohammed Al Hawajri, 2017

3 digital photographs on Hahnemuhle Fineart Baryta paper and sculpture, mixed media

People leave their homelands to seek out their dreams and aspirations, or out of compulsion, escaping the death caused by wars. In the end, we end up far from our beautiful memories that remain preserved in old photo albums, with the faces of friends and family that bring us warmth and make our hearts beat faster in longing for an idyllic past.



The Flowering Body

by Dina Mattar

Acrylic on Canvas, 2017. $4,500 USD.

"She was like a tree always bearing fruit, so giving all the time." Umm Jalaa' was a mother who loved her homeland and her children. Umm Jalaa, you never died - the seeds you sowed are still sprouting from the land, and from your womb as well. May your soul rest in peace. 


Remembering the Future

by Jacqueline Reem Salloum, 2016

Digital Collage Print on vinyl, plexiglass mount. $2,900 USD.

The theme of the 1964/65 World’s Fair in New York was “Peace Through Understanding”. But the future was not a time of peace or understanding... it was the 1967 war, which displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Sumaya remembers Oum Kalthoum drowning out the sounds of the Israeli fighter jets



30 November 2017 - 2:15pm

Thursday 30 November 2017

New research has found that at least 2 million workers in Britain are losing over £3 billion in unpaid holiday pay and wages a year. Workers on precarious contracts are often afraid to enforce their rights for fear they’ll lose future work. Migrant workers are often afraid to approach authorities for fear they’ll be arrested, detained and deported by the very authorities meant to be enforcing their rights.

Latin America Conference 2017 - Free Trade Imperialism and Resistance!

War on Want joined a packed out UK Latin America Conference 2017 for a day of inspirational activist solidarity with Latin America - against the backdrop of Donald Trump, a resurgent Latin American right and a new push for corporate trade deals from the European Union and the UK.


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Delegation from Colombian community that stopped world’s biggest gold mine & redefined local democracy visit UK

20 March 2018 - 4:30pm

A year ago this rural community used direct democracy to stop what would have been the world’s largest gold mine. Their example has inspired 50 Colombian communities to challenge corporate exploitation through popular consultations and revolutionised the Colombian presidential debate. 25-30 March they visit London to share their vision for a just, sustainable future.

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Event: "Curfew" Contemporary dance by El-Funoun & Hawiyya

16 March 2018 - 5:30pm

War on Want is happy to be supporting “Curfew”, a contemporary dance production performed by El-Funoun (Palestine) and Hawiyya Dance Company (UK), presented by Arts Canteen. "Curfew" is a thought-provoking contemporary dance production that encourages individuals to self-reflect and take action in front of injustice.

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