A Longing Heart: Cacti

by Mohammed Al Hawajri, 2017

3 acrylic on canvas. $1,500 USD each or $4,000 USD for all.

Sane Helwa ya Okhti... 

by Jacqueline Reem Salloum, 2017

M16 bullets, various materials, marble & wood cake stand. $2,500 USD.

14-year old Sumaya refused to accept the mournful ways of the refugee camp, which didn't celebrate birthdays. She decided to throw a birthday party for her sister, and baked her a cake. The work’s decoration is like any other birthday cake, referencing Sumaya’s yearning for normalcy; but when cut into, it reveals the systemic violence and fear that permeated throughout the camp.


by Jacqueline Reem Salloum, 2016

Hand-made doll, maftool painted gold, carrots. $1,200 USD.

For Sumaya and the other children in the refugee camp, buying toys was not an option so they would make them from found objects in the streets. Her handmade ragdoll was one of her most cherished items. 


Memory Metamorphosis: an exhibition on Palestinian memory

You Know What, Captain Yossi? (#2)

by Marguerite Dabaie, 2016

Digital Illustration printed on vinyl with plexiglass mount. $500 USD.

"There was this Captain Yossi at Birzeit University, and he would say, 'Why would a woman like yourself come and live here when you have other options?' And I said 'You know what, Captain Yossi? The moment Palestine will be liberated, I'll probably leave.' "


You Know What, Captain Yossi? (# 1)

by Marguerite Dabaie, 2016

Digital Illustration printed on vinyl with plexiglass mount. $500 USD.

Swimming with Khubaze

by Tanya Habjouqa & Naya Bishara, 2017

Digital photograph on Hahnemuhle Fineart Baryta paper. $1,000 USD.

With my Palestinian daughter Naya, we created images to tell Anwar's story. Naya is swimming in a dream, maintaining Anwar's happier memories of Palestine and his mother's cooking, and using the water to cleanse away the hurt.


A Longing Heart series (#3)

by Mohammed Al Hawajri, 2017

3 digital photographs on Hahnemuhle Fineart Baryta paper and sculpture, mixed media

$5,000 USD for 3 photographs and heart sculpture

You long for many things when you migrate far away, and they come to have a different, almost sacred meaning. Father Ibrahim is one of the thousands of Palestinians who were barred from visiting their homeland and had to return to where they came from, burdened with this bitter experience that only increases their sense of yearning.


A Longing Heart series (#2)

by Mohammed Al Hawajri

3 digital photographs on Hahnemuhle Fineart Baryta paper and sculpture, mixed media. 2017.

The heart pricked by thorns represents longing. The heart always longs for everything beautiful from the past. It longs for the fragrance of the flowers of the almond orchards and the odours of crops cultivated alongside homes where families spend pleasant evenings with their neighbours. 



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