War on Want to join 'No to Austerity' Manchester march

2 October 2015 - 12:00pm
Press release

War on Want will join the ‘No to Austerity, Yes to Workers’ Rights’ march and rally in Manchester on Sunday 4 October.  

John Hilary, Executive Director at War on Want, said:

“War on Want is proud to be joining forces with tens of thousands of people to say no to austerity and send the government a clear message that we reject their attack on trade unions, workers’ rights and public services.

“While the banks are once again paying massive bonuses, ordinary people continue to pay the highest price for a financial crisis they did not cause.”

On Sunday 5 October John Hilary will be joined by War on Want patron and Guardian columnist Owen Jones, Icelandic MP Birgitta Jonsdottir, and others, to debate TTIP and the Fight for a People’s Europe.

John Hilary said:

“Three million people across Europe have signed a petition against TTIP, while tens of thousands have taken to the streets in protest at these secret negotiations between the EU and the US.

“With its assault on our hard won social, health and environmental protections, irreversible privatisation and use of 'corporate courts' meaning big business can sue European governments for policies affecting their profits, TTIP has been unmasked as nothing more than a corporate power grab. Only people power can stop it.”



Notes to Editors

For further information and interviews, contact Ross Hemingway on 07983 550 728.

4 October: ‘No to Austerity, Yes to Workers Rights’ march and rally http://www.waronwant.org/media/ttip-and-fight-peoples-europe-join-us-manchester

5 October: TTIP and the Fight for a People’s Europe: Central Methodist Hall, Manchester http://www.waronwant.org/media/ttip-and-fight-peoples-europe-join-us-manchester




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