Solidarity with Palestinians resisting Trump's Deal of the Century

28 January 2020 - 12:30pm

Trump’s Deal of the Century, due to be announced today, is a catastrophe designed to strip millions of Palestinians of their rights. It relies on a high level of international complicity to continue on its destructive path.

It depends on us denying that Palestinians have a fundamental right to self-determination, and asking them to accept colonial violence and land grabs as normal.

It depends on us forgetting history, and closing our eyes to the current system of apartheid Palestinians are subjected to.

It depends on us throwing our hands up and allowing far-right governments to roll over human rights and international law without us making a fuss.

It depends on us turning our back on the legacies of international solidarity that helped topple some of the most horrendous systems of apartheid and injustice.

We haven’t given up our support for the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice, and return. We won’t give it up now.

Let’s come together and stand in solidarity with Palestinians resisting Trump’s Deal of the Century.

Solidarity with Palestinians resisting Trump's Deal of the Century. Photo: Ashraf Amra /

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