Protest Lonmin's AGM: Justice and Reparations for Marikana

20 March 2019 - 12:15pm

Protest Lonmin's AGM!

Lonmin's Annual General Meeting is in London on 25 March. Join us with the London Mining Network, Decolonising Environmentalism and frontline campaigners from South Africa at a protest to hold Lonmin to account for their complicity in this atrocity!

Date: March 25, 2019 

Time: 10-11am

Location: Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5, United Kingdom

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On August 16th 2012, over 100 workers on strike for a living wage at Lonmin platinum mine in Marikana were shot by the South African police, killing 34. This was the single most lethal use of force against civilians since the massacre of students during the Soweto uprising in 1976 under the apartheid regime. Lonmin, founded as Lonrho in 1909 during Cecil Rhodes's brutal white supremacist occupation of Zimbabwe, is at the centre of this violent extraction of Africa's natural resources. It was responsible for colluding with the state to order the police to use force to suppress the miners' demands for basic rights, safety and dignity.

After diverting $167m to tax havens in Bermuda and paying over $607m in dividends to its shareholders--including other London-based corportations like Investec, Glencore and Schroders--Lonmin had only delivered three of its legally obligated 5500 affordable homes at the time of the massacre, whilst relentlessly polluting the communities' lands, waters and air. While accumulating a personal net worth of $550m, chair of Lonmin's transformation committee charged with these undelivered promises, now-president Cyril Ramaphosa, infamously called the miners on strike demanding a living wage 'dastardly criminals' who should be met with 'concomitant action.'

Since the massacre, Lonmin has facilitated the intimidation, criminalisation and incarceration of miners and their families. Many are still imprisoned for their actions during the strike, while the corporation's criminal executives and complicit shareholders continue with impunity. Instead, they profit from these conditions of social and ecological violence which led to the massacre in 2012.

Lonmin has delayed its AGM because it is on the verge of being taken over by Sibanye-Stillwater, a multinational with one of the worst labour and environmental records in the South African mining industry. Thousands of jobs are threatened, the loss of which would have a devastating impact. Even more acute costs are carried by African womxn and nature, the super-exploited, unpaid labour that underpins racial capitalism's global geography. Workers are worried that when Lonmin disappears as an entity, no-one will be held accountable for its crimes or responsible for repairing the damage.

With London as the hub of global mining and finance, we appeal not to the City, but to the people of London to act and join frontline communities resisting British imperialism, militarism and neocolonialism in demanding justice and reparations for Marikana. Amandla!


The Marikana communities' demands to Lonmin:

  • Apologise to the South African nation and to the victims of the Massacre (families of the deceased, injured and arrested).
  • Pay reparations to the affected parties, including all dependents of the deceased mineworkers and the injured and arrested workers who survived the Massacre. This must also cover all psychological damage and/or emotional trauma for those who witnessed the arrests, injuries and deaths that took place during the massacre.
  • Join calls to release the miners in prison as a result of the massacre and to prosecute the police officers and intellectual authors of the Massacre.
  • Consult with all affected parties regarding the proposed commemorative monument.
  • Take responsibility for the environmental destruction at Marikana and ensure that people in the communities around the mine have sufficient water, proper sanitation and electricity.
  • Comply with the obligations of its Social and Labour Plan, the development of 2,638 (rental and ownership) accommodation units and 6,000 apartments that are genuinely affordable for mineworkers and the community, within the stipulated time-frames.
  • Add its voice to those calling to review the Farlam Commission and finance the legal process.
  • Stop using the excuse that it is now insolvent: it has made huge profits over the years. It must tell us what it has done with the money appropriated in 2011-12.

If Lonmin is sold to Sibanye-Stillwater, the new owner must:

  • Take responsibility for the massacre and reparations, for providing housing and livelihoods and the other promises made.
  • Guarantee livelihoods for the workers.
  • Set aside money in the purchase price to assist with financing sustainable development projects, with independent problem-solving mechanisms and counselling.

A social covenant with specific time-frames must be made between the company and the entire mining community, not just with the investors.

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