"Good Work Plan" fails to address precarious contracts

17 December 2018 - 11:15am
Press release

Responding to the Government’s announcement of the “Good Work Plan”, which implements recommendations arising from the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices, Owen Espley, War on Want’s Senior Economic Justice Campaigner said:

“Workers have had to wait many months for the government to implement recommendations from the Taylor review, but today’s announcement will bring little festive cheer. The Government’s ‘Good Work Plan’ fails to address one of the most critical ways in which millions of workers continue to face exploitation and poverty pay: the use of precarious contracts that offer only one-sided flexibility in the labour market. The recommendations do nothing to tackle the fundamental imbalance of power that comes about when workers live under the constant threat of losing the hours they need to survive. This imbalance too often leaves workers unable to assert other basic employment rights. Workers and their families are left to suffer from unpredictable hours and insecurity of income, as well as financial difficulties and the negative impact on mental health it can bring. It’s time to end precarious contracts.”

Notes to editors:

Owen Espley is available for interview on request. Contact War on Want media at media@waronwant.org or 07983 550 728

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