G4S profits from illegal child imprisonment

12 August 2014 - 5:21pm
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  • The world's biggest security firm, G4S, announces its half-year figures
  • The 65th anniversary of the United Nations Geneva conventions
  • Liverpool International Music Festival opens

Interim results elicit calls to cut ties with Israel

The world's largest security company, G4S, today faces growing pressure to end complicity in Israel's torture and ill-treatment of Palestinians, on the eve of the firm announcing its half-year figures.

G4S and its Israeli subsidiaries provide, install and maintain equipment inside Israeli prisons and in military checkpoints, such as the Erez crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Israel has restricted Palestinian's movement via the Erez crossing, which is the only way for people to pass between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

According to Article 76 of the UN Fourth Geneva Convention – tomorrow marks its 65th anniversary -  governments must not transfer prisoners from occupied territory into the territory of the occupier.

But over 5,000 Palestinians are currently held inside Israel, including 183 children and 175 held under “administrative orders” – a form of detention without charges or trial, used to hold people for indefinite periods, based on secret information.

War on Want senior campaigner Rafeef Ziadah said: “It is unacceptable that the British multinational G4S continues to profit from Israel's occupation of Palestine and the collective punishment imposed on the population of Gaza. Universities, banks, charities and trade unions across the world have terminated contracts with G4S, costing the company millions of pounds. Our continued efforts to hold G4S to account are needed today more than ever.”


War on Want also denounced council leaders in Liverpool over the refusal to axe a contract for G4S to patrol the city's international music festival, which opens tomorrow.

The council has snubbed a call for the council to sack G4S from more than 50 of Liverpool's cultural stars, including writers Jimmy McGovern, Alexei Sayle and Frank Cottrell Boyce.

In June one of the world's richest men, Bill Gates, Microsoft's co-founder, sold his entire stake in G4S amid War on Want's campaign pressure to disinvest from the company.

Earlier students in London at King's College, as well as Southampton, voted against giving contracts to G4S, and others in Kent, Edinburgh and Dundee cancelled their contracts with the firm.

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