Campaigners win Supreme Court challenge to government's pension divestment ban

29 April 2020 - 3:30pm
Press release

Today, the UK's Supreme Court ruled to overturn a government ban on local councils divesting pesion schemes from companies complicit in human rights abuses. Palestine Solidarity Campaign has been fighting this case in courts since 2016, and have now finally won a definitive ruling that confirms the government's 2016 legislation is illegal and must be scrapped.

Responding to the news, Ryvka Barnard, Senior Campaigns Officer for Militarism and Security at War on Want, said:

"This is a great victory for human rights and accountability. There is a long struggle ahead to ensure that companies and institutions do not profit from human rights abuse, war, and destruction of the planet. Boycott, divestment and sanction campaigns are invaluable in that struggle, and we must all continue to hold the UK government and institutions to account with these tools.

"Accountability will be crucial in preventing Israel from illegally annexing parts of the occupied West Bank, which it is barrelling towards, and to ensure that justice is delivered to the Palestinian people – who have long suffered from the systematic abuse of their rights. If the annexation happens, the UK government must hold Israel to account by imposing sanctions, as it has done in other cases. And UK companies and institutions must not ​seek to profit from the annexation​, or they risk facing divestment campaigns to hold them to account."

Press Contacts

TJ Chuah, Communications Officer, War on Want: / 07983 550 728

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