Help stop bulldozers destroying Palestinian homes

Murad and his family are desperate to save their home

Israel is set to demolish hundreds of homes in the Palestinian town of Silwan to make way for a tourist attraction. Murad, along with his wife and children, has lived in Silwan all his life. He has been told that his family’s house will be demolished and that he must pay for the Israeli bulldozers to destroy it.
We urgently need your generous support to help the people of Silwan in their fight to save their homes. Please make a donation of £40 today to help us win justice for the Palestinian families who are living under the constant threat of being driven from their homes.
War on Want is working with Palestinian communities to help fight the evictions through the courts. We are also working with the Community Resistance Group, set up by Murad and other members of the town to peacefully resist the demolitions by organising protests and raising awareness of Israel’s plans and activities. Murad told us that without this support and resistance, their homes would have been destroyed months ago.
The town of Silwan is faced with the same crisis that confronts Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza. The reality of life under Occupation means that Palestinian people can no longer build a future of peace and prosperity for themselves or their children. Instead, Palestinians are condemned to poverty and insecurity, unable to enjoy their most basic rights.
We must continue in our fight to oppose Israel’s illegal Occupation and help win justice for the Palestinians, so that people like Murad and his family do not have their homes destroyed and their lives torn apart. Please support this appeal today and donate as much as you can afford.

Hundreds of homes will be destroyed, unless the evictions can be stopped

Please donate now:

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What your donation could achieve

£40 could help us respond to the needs of local communities in Palestine who are living under oppression due to the Occupation

£80 could help us launch a sustained campaign against UK companies that are profiting from the Occupation

£150 could help us win justice for Palestinian families who are set to have their homes demolished by Israeli bulldozers

We would like to keep you informed about our projects and activities. However, if you would rather not receive such information, please email us at, phone 020 7324 5046 or write to Supporter Services, War on Want, 44-48 Shepherdess Walk, London N1 7JP.
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