Fighting toxic CETA on the streets of London!

20 May 2016 - 11:45am

War on Want joined allies from both sides of the Atlantic to take to the streets of London this week. Our message: stop the toxic EU-Canada deal CETA!

Trade expert and chair of the Council of Canadians, Maude Barlow, flew over to join a day of actions against CETA. Green Party MEP Jean Lambert also joined the protests, along with NGO allies and actvists from NoTTIP, Stop TTIP and Lewisham People Before Profit. The day started with a banner drop by activists on Westminster Bridge, before a protest at Canada House, followed by a panel discussion hosted by War on Want with Natalie Bennett, Maude Barlow, Nick Crook of UNISON and War on Want executive director, John Hilary.

Under CETA, more than 80% of US corporations in Europe would be able to sue our government for policies affecting their profits using the 'corporate court' ISDS mechanism. Canada has experience from the NAFTA trade deal of the impact of ISDS on public policies - it is the most sued country in the global North.

To find out more about CETA, read our new brief, CETA: the toxic EU-Canada trade deal.


Activists spread the 'No CETA' message far and wide

Maude Barlow explains the threat of CETA

Jean Lambert MEP joins Maude Barlow to speak at Canada House

War on Want senior trade campaigner Mark Dearn says CETA, like other 'new generation' trade deals, prioritises big business profits over the public interest

Activists and campaigners come together in front of Canada House

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