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Voices from Honduran resistance

War on Want, together with delegates from Britain’s third biggest trade union the GMB, recently visited Honduras to find out first-hand about the fight for democracy and respect of human rights in the aftermath of the coup which took place in Honduras two years ago.

We had the opportunity to meet local partners Codemuh (the Honduran Women’s Collective), Cosibah (the Coordinator of Banana and Agro Industrial Unions) and the National Popular Front of Resistance (FNRP or the Frente), a coalition of social movements campaigning to uphold democracy and to end repression in Honduras.

The photos of graffiti below are an expression of the anger felt by many Hondurans and the aspirations for a better Honduras.

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The feelings of the Honduran people were summed up by one leader: “24 hours after the coup the FNRP was born and we have since been seeking ways to revert the coup. The Frente is working towards this end and we are resisting from every corner of the country”.

Despite the recent return to Honduras of the ex-President and other political exiles who were expelled from the country during the coup two years ago, the majority of Honduran people face a bleak political and economic climate and the violation of human and labour rights continues.

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