Two million Europeans say no to US trade deal

8 June 2015 - 10:45am
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Two million Europeans say no to US trade deal

Coalition calls on European Parliament to reject TTIP in upcoming vote.

The European Citizens’ Initiative ‘Stop TTIP’ has reached a record number of signatures on the eve of a critical vote in the European Parliament on whether to support the US trade deal.

With two million signatories against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), this is the largest European Citizens’ Initiative since the introduction of the instrument in 2012.

John Hilary, War on Want Executive Director and member of Stop TTIP’s Citizens’ Committee, said:

“Two million people across Europe have said no to TTIP, and are demanding an immediate end to the negotiations. This is the strongest trade campaign we have ever seen in Europe, and MEPs must reflect this opposition when voting on Wednesday. The people have spoken and must be heard.”

MEPs will decide on the TTIP resolution on 10 June, the first vote on the issue since the new parliament was elected in 2014. It includes whether to back the controversial new investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) power for US companies to sue European governments in private courts for loss of profits.

Hilary continued: “The resolution currently before parliament flies in the face of European public opinion, as it backs TTIP and the new ISDS powers for US corporations. MEPs have the chance to vote through a series of amendments modifying their support for the deal. We, the people of Europe, are calling on them to reject TTIP outright.”


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John Hilary is in Strasbourg this week for the European Parliament vote.

Stop TTIP is an alliance of more than 470 civil society organisations – including consumer watchdogs, environmental groups and trade unions – from across Europe.

The largest ECIs to date were “Water is a Human Right” (2013) and “One of Us” (2013), both collecting 1.8 million signatures. The European Commission rejected Stop TTIP in autumn last year as an official ECI. The alliance is currently challenging this decision in the European Court of Justice and continues to collect signatures on a self-organised basis. Signature collection will continue until 6 October.

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