MPs debate TTIP – a threat to democracy

9 December 2015 - 2:00pm
Press release

On Thursday morning, 10 December, MPs are debating TTIP in parliament. This is an important debate which has been called by Geraint Davies MP, Zac Goldsmith MP and Caroline Lucas MP to ensure these secret negotiations get some parliamentary attention.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a comprehensive free trade and investment treaty currently being negotiated – entirely behind closed doors – between the European Union and the USA.

We are calling on all MPs to attend the debate tomorrow, Thursday, and speak out, on their constituents’ behalf, against TTIP.

The public have already shown they are hugely worried about the impact TTIP would have on jobs and on crucial standards for food, chemicals and the environment. The evidence is clear that TTIP will be a disaster for climate and would cost a million jobs.  TTIP is also a major threat to democracy because it would allow US corporations to sue the UK government over key social and environmental policies.

Hundreds of thousands of UK constituents have signed a petition against TTIP.

MPs should listen to these concerns, attend the debate and oppose TTIP. 


War on Want Executive Director John Hilary on +44 7983 550727 for comment and further information.


1.   The debate is in the morning and is a backbench business debate, which is a chance for some MPs to call for a debate on an issue they care about or want extra scrutiny on. How the Backbench Business Committee works:

2.   More information about TTIP and why it matters are on our website.

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