'G8, G20 turning their back on the world's poor'

22 June 2010 - 2:03pm
Press release


  • Friday-Sunday, 25-27 June 2010 Muskoka, Canada
    Leaders of the G8 group of the world's richest nations meet, followed by a summit held by the G20 group of the world's leading economies
  • Friday, 25 June 2010 Toronto
    War on Want executive director John Hilary addresses protest rally


Policies threaten to worsen crisis, says charity War on Want

Leaders of the world's biggest economies today come under fire for turning their back on the world's poorest people.

War on Want say the G20 seem to be intent on restoring the system which was responsible for the crisis rather than tackle the root causes of the problem.

They warn that the austerity measures being implemented represent a direct assault on working people and public services.

The measures risk tipping the G20 nations' economies into double dip recession and deepening poverty around the globe.

The charity War on Want launched this attack as leaders headed for Canada, where the G8 and G20 groups of the world's foremost economies will each hold summits this weekend.

John Hilary, the charity's executive director, said "The leaders of the world's most powerful economies have betrayed those hit hardest by the crisis.

"Austerity packages will bring unemployment and misery to millions of people and will do nothing to solve the deeper problems of the global economy.

"The G20 will not be forgiven for turning its back on the world's poor."

On Friday John Hilary will address a major rally in Toronto alongside prominent campaigners such as Canadian writer Naomi Klein and Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva.

War on Want claimed the cuts policies championed by British prime minister David Cameron and other leaders will increase unemployment and hardship for the world's most vulnerable people.

It claims the same neoliberal policies that caused the crisis are being championed at the G20 summit.

The charity says millions of taxpayers who bailed out the banks after their greed-fuelled failure now face losing their jobs and seeing brutal cuts in vital public services.

It urged the G20 to introduce a Robin Hood tax on banks' financial transactions to avoid slashing public services and to raise money for overseas development. Taxing banks would raise $400 billion (£250 billion) globally every year.


NOTES TO EDITORS: John Hilary will be in Toronto from 23 June and available for briefings and interviews. He is appearing at a news conference at 9.30 am on 25 June in Toronto before The Shout Out for Global Justice rally organised by the citizens' organisation the Council of Canadians. The rally, which he will address, takes place at 7.00 pm in Massey Hall, 178 Victoria Street, Toronto. More on the event here.


  • John Hilary, War on Want executive director (+44) (0)7983 550727
  • Paul Collins, War on Want media office (+44) (0)20 7549 0584 or (+44) (0)7983 550728


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