MEPs will vote for the last time on toxic EU-Canada deal CETA in February 2017. 

CETA, like TTIP, threatens deregulation, privatisation and the introduction of 'corporate courts' for American and Canadian big business to sue our government - even after Brexit. Despite this, Liam Fox bypassed parliament to sign the UK up to the deal.

A key European Parliament committee warns CETA will "widen the income gap between skilled and unskilled workers thus increasing inequalities and social tensions" and threaten the loss of 200,000 jobs across Europe. This deal must be stopped.


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Pint & Politics - Manchester workshop - countering ‘common sense’ economic arguments in the pub!

23 February 2017 - 8:15pm


  • EVENT DATE: Sunday 12 March 2017
  • TIME: 4-6pm tbc
  • PLACE: Manchester - venue tbc
  • COST: Free
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#1DayWithoutUs: War on Want says ‘stand with migrant workers’

20 February 2017 - 8:15am

Today many migrant workers across the UK face racism, abuse and exploitation fuelled by years of hostile policies and anti-migrant rhetoric. We must fight for the rights of migrants, celebrate migrants’ crucial contribution to society and stand with migrant workers.

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