Demonstration: Free Arrested Chinese Labour Activists

16 December 2015 - 2:15pm

EVENT DATE: Monday 21 December - 1pm - 2pm 

LOCATION: 51 Portland Pl, London W1B 1JL 

Demonstration to Free Arrested Chinese Labour Activists!

Since early December Chinese labour activists in Guangdong province have been subject to a wave of arrests. These arrests threaten the rights of Chinese workers to their fundamental human rights: including freedom of association, the right to strike and collective bargaining.

In solidarity with the arrested Chinese activists, we are joining an international day of action to call on the Chinese government to: 

1) Immediately release all the detained labour activists
2) Stop suppressing labour activists, labour organisations and civil society organisations.
3) Respect and protect the development and freedom of civil society as prescribed by China’s Constitution.

Since 3 December four labour rights NGOS in Guangdong province China have been subject to raids by the Police. 25 labour rights activists (both staff and volunteers) were arrested. Six of those activists remain in detention, and two’s whereabouts are unknown (The rest have been released). One has been arrested on charges of “embezzlement” and the other five face charges of “disturbance of social order". 

The six detained are: 

• Zeng Fei-yang 
• He Xiao-bo 
• Zhu Xiao-mei 
• Deng Xiao-ming 
• Peng Jia-yong 
• Liu Xiao-ming

More information from the groups who have called the international day of action is avalable here [in English & Chinese]:

There is also a pettition you can sign here [Multiple languages]:

This demonstration has been called by War on Want and  and is supported by Fashion RevolutionGlobal Labour Institute, Labour Behind the Label, People & Planet and Union Solidarity International

If your organisation is able to support please contact Owen Espley [oespley [at]

Details of the demonstration are evolving so please check the facebook event to ensure you have the latest information.

The Facebook Event is here:


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